Hairstyles For Women Aged 50+ With Different Facial Forms

It is not a secret that there is no other person on this Earth that would look exactly like you. This fact makes us all unique human beings who should embrace their individuality and manifest striking differences. There may be a thousand beauty standards and you may suit none of these, however, you are still the most beautiful person in the world. In this blog post you can learn more about the beauty standards and how to fit them. This empowering vision must be shared by women of all ages and all appearances globally.


Your New Image In Blue Shades

Blue color is considered to be one of the trendiest ones when it comes to dyeing the hair. Such an extraordinary shade makes it possible for ladies to create an eye-catching, unique look which won’t leave anyone indifferent. Azur strands of hair are in style nowadays – blue highlights are often chosen by girls who are willing to change their hairstyle, however are not ready for revolutionary changes.

Blue Strands Of Hair As A New Trend

Highlighting is the simplest way to reach the desired result and create an unforgettable image. Blue strands are a catch for girls with brown locks – they can style both light azure shade and saturated navy blue hue.

The most widespread ways to change the image with the help of blue strands of hair are:

  1. Blue strands on blonde hair. Stylists recommend blondes to dye their locks starting from the roots – either dye individual strands of hair or dye the whole head.
  2. Blue strands on dark blonde locks. Ladies with dark blonde hair may highlight their locks tips, such a way it will be possible to keep the natural color untouched and cut azure highlight off in case you get tired of them or are willing to try something new.
  3. Dark brown hair with blue highlights. Blue is the most relevant shade for brunettes – blue highlights on dark locks look just fantastic and, at the same time, suitable letting you create any look you want to.

Highlights on dark hair always look brilliant and can’t remain unnoticed. Following the latest highlighting trends, you will be able to create an unforgettable image and always be in style.

On The Way To The Changes

Dark brown hair with blue highlights will be a catch for every lady who is willing to add volume to the hair roots, look younger than her age and change her look. Moreover, highlighting is one of the most unique ways to change the hairstyle – you only dye half of your hair and won’t damage it. The right azure hair dye will make your locks look airy, glowy and healthy even if they are dyed often.

If you are willing your new hairstyle to be really trendy and stylish, then it’s worth dying strands of hair both light and dark blue – such approach will make it possible for you to create a noble, fashionable look. Cool azure strands will look perfectly on medium ash brown locks, while warmer blue shade will be a catch for ladies with bronzed brown, light golden brown and butterscotch hair color.

Blue highlights are often chosen by girls who are willing to change their style and look more eye-catching and extraordinary. It’s a brave choice requiring confidence and a desire for changes. If you are willing to create a unique image and not ruin your hair, then it is essential to go to an experienced stylist who will be able to dye your hair the way you want to and make it look even healthier and shinier.


The Most Beneficial Hairdos For Any Occasion

Cornrow is an excellent hairdo for everyday life which makes it possible for girls to create a new unforgettable look and easily stand out from the crowd. Such an eye-catching `do is suitable for any style and looks perfectly in any situation – it’s possible to wear it at work, at a party or attending a formal event. Girls with fine hair may do thick braids which will add volume and make hair look much thicker, while ladies with thick hair may choose tiny micro braids which will let them create a fresh, edgy look.

What Hairdo To Give Preference To

Braids and cornrows are really relevant nowadays. They can be braided in lots of diverse ways and make you look different every single day. Braiding cornrows is fascinating and simple if you already have certain skills and experience which will help you do a hairstyle you want to. So how is it possible to braid two cornrows with side part?

Basic cornrows. First of all, wash your hair and dry it naturally. Then, it’s worth parting your hair in rows from front to back and dividing the first row into three small sections and start braiding them. Add strands while braiding and continue doing it until you get to the bottom. Secure the end with a pin and use styling products for making your hairdo last longer.
Double Dutch cornrows. This is one of the simplest braids to do at home on your own. First of all, you need to make center parting and tie away one side. Create a triangle section and split hair strands in three, then pass inner strand of hair under the middle one as well as pass outer strand under the middle strand. Continue this technique, adding hair with each pass. Secure the braid once at the bottom and repeat on other side. Spray your hair with a hair spray in order your `do to last longer.

  • French braids is an excellent option for going on a romantic date and creating a unique image. Firstly, choose a side to begin with and do a foundation braid. Then, it’s worth dividing the top layer of the loose side of your hair into three pieces. Start braiding French cornrow by taking one strand and placing it on top of the center piece. Add additional strands of hair from the sides as you continue down the side of your head. Fix it with a pin.

    If you only learn to make braids, then it’s suggested to stick to simple techniques at first, such a way it will be possible for you to gain certain experience which will help you braid more complicated cornrows. Beautiful, eye-catching braids require practice and knowledge, so start doing simple French or Dutch braids before getting down to braiding complicated hairdos.

  • Suitable Makeup

    Fabulous Light Blue Outfit And Suitable Makeup

    Light blue is one of the most gentle, feminine colors which makes it possible for ladies to create an elegant, airy look. Such a fresh shade has already gained in popularity with girls from across the world letting them mix pastel azure with other colors and always look fantastic. Nevertheless, even the most impressive light blue outfit won’t look good enough if a girl chooses makeup the wrong way.

    Light azure shade attracts women with its softness, delicacy and tenderness. Such a way, pastel blue dress will look perfectly and appropriately on a date, at work and at a party. The main thing it’s essential to do is choose the right dress cut and, obviously, apply the suitable makeup.

    Creating A New Look

    Eye-catching makeup for light blue dress may help you create the desired image and leave an unforgettable impression. Makeup artists suggest applying beige or gold shades when putting on makeup for pastel blue dress – it will emphasize all your good sides and make it possible for you to always be in style. Golden eyeshadow, almost unnoticeable pink blush and lipstick with a warm undertone will be a catch for every lady wearing light azure dress. However, it’s worth avoiding plum, brown and nude lipsticks – they just don’t match with pastel blue shade.

    Does blue dress match with azure makeup? It does, sometimes. If you are willing to apply blue eyeshadow, then it’s worth getting familiar with the following nuances:

    1. First of all, don’t apply eyeshadows the same color as your dress in order your face not to look too pale – choose eyeshadow one or two tones darker than the dress, such a way it will be easy for you to create an eye-catching look.
    2. Secondly, if you are willing to apply light azure eyeshadow, then put it in the inner corner in order to highlight it – it will make your eyes look bigger.
    3. Thirdly, don’t neglect applying mascara when putting on blue eyeshadow – it will make your look complete and make your eyes look deeper. You can also use eyeliner when attending any special event in order to create a more eye-catching look.

    Neutral makeup for light blue dress is a catch for ladies with dark hair, while women with blonde or dark blonde hair need to avoid applying nude makeup. Beige, brown, grey and pearl eyeshadow will make it possible for you to style light azure dress, while red or coral lip gloss will make your look finished and really fashionable.

    Nail Designs

    What Could Navy Blue Nails With Silver Designs Tell About The Person?

    Colors are voiceless, but every color is able to tell a lot. Every hue has its own definition and the colors women use as their nail polishes usually show their current mood. It is even possible to express the unique personality with nail designs or clothes. For example, a woman who wears navy blue nails with silver designs could be considered as The Snow Queen, because such colors are usually associated with winter, something cold and women with blue nails or clothes are seemed to be unpleasant and not so friendly. But blue could be even summery tone. In the list below there are some meanings of different undertones of this unique color.

    Variations of blue

    • Sky. This is a hue of happiness and stability. It is the color of the cloudless sky at noon. It also represents faithfulness, trust and heaven. It is a delicate summer nail tone, also looks good with floral designs and warm color accents.
    • Navy. Navy blue is mostly considered as deep, but neutral hue. It looks perfect in every season of the year, especially in duo with silver. It means wisdom, confidence and intelligence, so when a woman has navy blue nails with silver design, she could be considered as someone, who likes rich colors, but wants to be formal at the same time.
    • Cobalt.  Cobalt blue is also called Royal. And it is definitely the right name for such color. It is lighter but deeper then navy. This shade is very rich and shows the superiority and the excellence of the owner. It is the perfect hue for special occasions and it looks better with gold accessories and accents.  
    • Arctic. The coldest hue in this list. Icy blue tone in everyday life, clothes and nails could mean that someone has an introvert type of personality. But it is the great color for winter nail designs.
    • Ocean. Ocean color is a deep blue with dark green undertone. Ideal hue for autumn nail polishes and designs. Psychologists believe that this color relates to peace, intuition and freedom.
    • Indigo. Darker cobalt blue with purple undertone creates indigo. It is also called midnight blue. The person who loves this hue definitely has very powerful, intense personality, sincerity and justice.
    • Denim. This is the traditional jeans tone, something like dusty or worn out blue. It is very cozy and atmospheric. Denim nail designs are a good idea for late windy autumn or early cold spring.

    Colors play an important role in the visual perception, because every color and all undertones have their own meanings. They are able to help to express the personality and to share the current mood with everyone around. At first blue hue could be considered as cold, but it could also be warm like the summer sky and cozy as warm autumn coat. Everyone can find the right one.

    Nail Designs

    Fancy Purple And Black Nail Designs

    Nice and fancy manicure is one of the main components to make the whole style look finished. And sometimes women pay not so much attention to their nails, as they really need. And this is the problem. People usually do not focus on every detail in the whole look, when all small and tiny details are perfect. But, it is really easy to notice when nails are totally without manicure and look completely untended. So healthy nails are not always visible, but still very important detail to be flawless.

    The biggest problem of every manicure is the decision what color of the nail polish to apply and what design to make. So fashion and color trends help here a lot by leading everyone to right colors to choose. This year, purple completely runs the world and appears not only in clothes and interior, but also in manicure trends. Every woman saw all those stunning models on the fashion runways, and this year they wear purple and black nail designs. Fortunately, the variety of designs is really huge and every woman is able to choose the right design to her own liking.

    Trendy purple nail designs

    • Gradient.  Last few years, ombre designs set all records worldwide, including fashion, home design and nails. Light purple to dark purple, magenta or even black will be very trendy. Purple to yellow or other bright contrast colors is a great decision for summer.
    • French Tips. Unusual variations of classic designs are always a good idea. Why not to try different purple colors all over the nail and the thin line of black, white or pink on the tip? Such designs look fresh and classy at the same time and the number of variations is huge.
    • Glitter. Purple itself looks luxurious but making a duo with glitter it becomes magnificent! Purple glitter is an absolute winner, when someone wants to be the perfection from head to toe.
    • Color Accents. This category gives an opportunity to show all the creativity. Black polka dots on purple nails or vice versa, floral designs on light purple or violet background, white or magenta laces on nude nails, colorful stamping or just simple lines. Experiments are welcome.
    • Matte Top. Glossy nails are classic, so one of the ways to bring something interesting to the design is making them matte. Matte top all over all ten nails or just on some of them, matte French tips or glossy polka dots are super easy and creative at the same time.

    There are a lot of different nail designs today and it is not so easy to choose one. The biggest problem is the color, but every year trends bring an opportunity to solve this problem easily and create a perfect manicure.